PE (Performance Epistemology),自2021年由Samuel Ferstl領導,在台北、慕尼黑、杜塞爾多夫和紐約運營,專注於藝術實踐、策展探詢和藝術史的交匯處。我們的使命核心是藝術責任和生產方式的問題。

位於台北的埤益PE美術館,一個致力於單人和雙人藝術家展示的藝術畫廊,體現了我們對這些原則的承諾,代表藝術家楊乃昀、Samuel Ferstl、埤益PE,並與Samantha Sea Sea緊密合作。

PE (Performance Epistemology), led by Samuel Ferstl since 2021, operates from Taipei, Munich, Düsseldorf, and New York, focusing on the intersection of artistic practice, curatorial inquiry, and art history. Central to our mission are questions of artistic responsibility and production methods.

埤益 PE Fine Arts in Taipei, an art gallery fostering solo and duo artist showcases, embodies our commitment to these principles, representing artists Nai Yun Yang, Samuel Ferstl, 埤益 PE, and collaborating closely with Samantha Sea Sea.