PE 是一個位於台北市中心的獨立藝術空間,由 Samuel Ferstl 於 2021 年創立。這個場地源於 Ferstl 的集體展覽實踐,每兩個月展示一次當地和國際藝術家的作品。這些展覽強調藝術史研究、當代藝術概念和後工作室精神。

除了舉辦展覽外,PE 通過對話、網絡和個性化支持來支持個別藝術家。它通過“Lulu”形式等計劃與當地年輕的藝術界建立聯繫。PE 位於實驗藝術空間和商業畫廊的交界處,吸引了來自台北當代藝術界以及國際畫廊業主、藝術空間和策展人的觀眾和合作夥伴。

PE is an independent art space situated in the heart of Taipei, founded in 2021 by Samuel Ferstl. This venue emerged from Ferstl's collective exhibition practice and showcases local and international artists every two months. The exhibitions emphasize art historical research, contemporary art concepts, and a post-studio ethos.

In addition to hosting exhibitions, PE supports individual artists through dialogue, networking, and personalized support. It engages with the younger local art scene through initiatives like the “Lulu” format. PE operates at the intersection of an experimental art space and a commercial gallery, attracting audiences and partners from both Taipei's contemporary art scene and the broader international community of gallery owners, artist spaces, and curators.