Performance Epistemology (PE) 是一個位於台北市、台灣和柏林、德國的藝術發布和出版計劃,重點是基於流程的研究、藝術合作和文化研究。


埤益藝廊 PE Gallery 是一家年輕的畫廊,擁有一個國際社區,每八週在台北展出個展和二人展,促進了一群核心藝術家的國際代表性。 我们目前经营着两个空间,可以称为埤益北投 PE Beitou 和埤益中正 PE Zhongzheng。 如需更多資訊,請與我們聯繫。

Performance Epistemology (PE) is an initiative for art distribution and publishing with an emphasis on process-based research, artistic collaboration and cultural studies located in Taipei City, TW and Berlin, DE.

We are working in a variety of disciplines, such as the curation of musical and performative events, the curation and organization of solo and group exhibitions, the editorial and creative direction of writing, and research and offer in art mediation, collective work and critical studies. In doing so, we are supported by high-profiled, international artists and scholars.

埤益藝廊 PE Gallery is a young gallery with an international community that shows solo and duo presentations in an eight week turn in Taipei fostering the international representation of a core group of artists. We are currently running two spaces, which can be called  埤益北投 PE Beitou and 埤益中正 PE Zhongzheng. Please get in touch for further information.