Zoe Dittrich-Wamser
王翔 WANG Xiang

Solid surface, blurry grounds

2023/10/29 - 12/17

埤益北投 PE Beitou, Taipei


In the upcoming exhibition, Berlin-based artist Dittrich-Wamser and Taipei-based artist WANG show new works on paper. Both use sketching as a method of capturing their decisive field of interests, spanning domestic spaces and natural landscapes. In finding aesthetically captivating ways to pose questions of representation, conservation, memory and its blurrinesses, their artworks are distinct from each other, thus, inviting the visitor to enter their own realm of personal interpretation. Please join us for the opening on site.

Opening Sun 10/29 18:00 - 20:00

Zoe Dittrich-Wamser目前居住在柏林。她於1993年出生,並於2019年從杜塞爾多夫藝術學院獲得學位。這位藝術家使用各種媒介進行創作,深入觀察日常生活的素材與其現象。

Zoe Dittrich-Wamser is currently based in Berlin. Born 1993, she received a degree from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2019. The artist works with a variety of medium, strongly observing material of the everyday and its phenomenons.

王翔 WANG Xiang,1998年出生,是一名駐台北的畫家。他的學習背景是水墨畫,從傳統風格中抽象出來。 他主要專注於台灣的風景寫生畫。他既使用鉛筆和水墨,也使用丙烯進行彩色繪畫。

王翔 WANG Xiang, born 1998, is a painter based in Taipei, TW. He has a background in the study of ink painting, abstracting from traditional style. His main focus is on plein-air painting in the landscapes of Taiwan. He uses both, sketching with pencil and ink, and colored paintings with acrylics and oil.


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