Kiki Kouniari

剪影 Silhouettes

2023/04/15 - 04/30


The show explores the interplay between form and emptiness, inviting viewers to contemplate the spaces between things and the ways in which absence can shape our perceptions of the world. Featuring a range of media, including photography, sound, and paper, Silhouettes offers a nuanced and thought-provoking exploration of the nature of existence.

在林志明教授的建議下: 「從紀實到實驗」(精選)週四 04/20 19:00 ( 林泰州, 林俊泓, 喬慰萱, 吳俊輝), 週五 04/21 19:00 (沈可尚, 馬躍比吼, 吳米森)

The exhibition program was expanded by two private viewings: “Taiwan Contemporary Video: From Documentary to Experiment (selection)” at National Taipei University of Education on Thu 04/20 19:00 (Lin Tay-jou, Lin Junhong, Qiao Weixuan/Wendy, Wu Chun-hui) and Fr 04/21 19:00 (Shen Ko-shang, Mayaw Biho, Wu Mi-Sen)

Kiki Kouniari是一位英國視覺藝術家,從事視頻、聲音和文本方面的工作。

Kiki Kouniari is a UK based visual artist working with video, sound and text.

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